Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've working on something new

hopefully perfecting it. Maybe even publishing it or at least offering it for free on here.

This is an early version. Do you see it? Can you see what makes these different?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Start to finish

I'm a very monogamous* knitter and these socks were no exception. I started these socks the day I went to Sock Summit. I had intended to buy a single memento skein since I didn't have much cash but when I saw this yarn and I'd already purchased my skein of Starry but when I saw this yarn from Sanguine Gryphon I had to have it.

I (relatively) quickly worked it up some Circle Socks.

These are the resulting beauties.

I absolutely love the yarn and need more!

*I keep a simple project in the car for when I'm stuck in line somewhere or one of the kids falls asleep and I need entertainment. It's a plain garter stitch scarf

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Even when you think you know better, you don't.

Yesterday I acquired some lovely Eidos sock yarn at the Sock Summit which was marked "Charmides" though from looking at their website I think it looks more like 'Calliope'. I frustratingly wound it into a ball (my ball winder doesn't handle sock weight well and my swift is jenky) then cast on for Circle Socks which has been sitting in my queue for a really long time.

I thought I knew better than the designer so I'm frogging and starting again for the third time.

I'm upset at my own stupidity and bull headedness (yes, I realize that is not a word) and will accept condolences in the form of this, these, or this charming fellow.

It really is beautiful yarn so starting over is preferrable to tossing it into a forgotten corner.