Saturday, September 25, 2010

The featherweight is finished...for now

So it's done but I don't have a picture because I'm not wearing a bra. No one wants to see that and I'm too lazy to put on a bra today.

I'm thinking of adding a decorative edge to the collar but that will need to wait since I'm going to the Flock and Fiber Fest tomorrow and wanted to be able to wear it.

It's rather perfect. Light weight and just barely there.

It's perfect that I'll forgive how awfully large the arm holes turned out to be and how I had to put it down for 3 weeks while I came up with an action plan to fix it.

Next I'll need to decide whether to rip out and completely reknit the last sweater I made or to see if the washing machine and dryer can help me adjust the too large size.
It's a conundrum.

Ok, here is a terrible picture taken by my 8 year old. I think there are smudges on the lens. She took about 10 pictures but none in which I'm actually smiling or looking at the camera.


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