Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things about me

1. I only knit one thing at a time with the exception of occasionally having a sock going while working on a big project so that I can have something portable.

2. I'm working on my first adult garment (see #3).

3. I'm a nickle and dimer. While I've got a decent stash there really aren't any sweater quantities because I have a hard time bringing myself to spend big chunks of money at a time.

4. I struggle with half-assedness, ie. knitting things to the proper length (see #5).

5. I own a lot of short socks but my favorite go almost to the knee.

6. I'm a gift stash knitter. I've got a small bag of gifts at the ready next to my stash.

7. I rarely follow patterns but have been trying to trust the pattern a lot more lately.


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