Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dreams of the purple fairy


This sock has been an exercise in patience.

First I dyed the yarn which was lackluster and just plain boring. I let it sit around in the back bathroom for a few days while we stubbed our toes on the casserole dish it was sitting in. Then I decided that crockpot dying was the way to go. It really couldn't look worse than the washed out, uneven colors with which I started.

I popped in the crockpot with a ton of dye and some citric acid and put it on the high setting for 6 hrs and then it switched to warm for the next 3 hrs. I was rather impatient as I pulled it out of the dye and ended up burning myself but really it was worth it. The color has depth and shine now. Even though it was a hot day I couldn't wait so I put the yarn in my dehydrator to speed along the drying process.

After I finally cast off what should have been a really easy hat I pulled my dyed yarn out of the drawer already caked up and ready to go.

I've been trying really hard to knit from my queue so I picked Absinthe. I've looked at and admired this pattern for a while but hesitated to begin something that took a lot of concentration and focus as I have little of that in my life with my 3 small children.

With some trepidation I cast on. This pattern has not been without frustration for me as I'm not a chart reader. This is not how my mind works. I've had to fudge a few parts because damn if I'll frog and reknit cables mixed with increases!

These socks are only for me so I don't care if they are not perfectly perfect.


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