Thursday, May 11, 2006

projects in the works

I'm working on this for dd. In black Thick and Quick Woolease

And still working on Besotted the third skein I needed was out of stock for a long time. I got it when I got the yarn to make my FCC sweaters or rather ds and dd's sweaters. The pattern has not been released yet but I did a test and made a sweater for dd out of it a while ago and loved it. The site is owned by Pamela designer of the fabulous Wheelie (isn't her son just gorgeous!?)

The red FCC sweater I made for dd, oh 2 yrs ago??

over her pajamas of course.

And since its red ds might be able to wear it next winter!

Its been a while but here is some stuff

not all of it but some

A night time soaker, it works wonderfully and I need to make another. Brown Sheep bulky

Recycled from a pair of pants that were too small, its gloriously soft merino

trying it on for size but its actually for a friend's daughter

same pattern, pink in cotton and green in wool

soaker for a brand new baby