Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yarn Harlot

I did get to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on Tuesday. I did forget my camera (see the post below). I did have an excellent time. I did have great company. I did complete some socks.

I did buy two skeins of yarn. The profits of which are going to a great charity as did the proceeds from her new book which I also bought.

The new socks on said yarn have frozen up though. I knit and then measured the cuff, 3", knit 10 or so more rows, 3", knit 10 more rows, 3". I think I'll just keep going for a while and put the tape measure away so I don't put them to the side. I did already break my own rules and started something before finishing something else.

I'm working on these for Mar

I've got one done and am halfway through the cuff on the second. I just needed a break though so I cast on to make myself some socks. I'll come back to hers tomorrow as she's so eager to get them!


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