Monday, April 21, 2008

Some new projects

I finished these pants with my favorite yarn Blackberry Ridge Merino and added some stripes of PureWool to contrast and to break up the pooling.

I'm also almost done with a pair of Oak Ribbed Socks by Nancy Bush and am proud to say that I've done very few modifications. I've got issues with using other's patterns and always try to better them. This time though they are practical and logical. I made the cuff shorter because its my preference and I took out 2 rows of plain knit in the toe because I was worried they were getting too long. Both worked out splendidly on the first sock.

Here is the only photo so far

I'll be wearing them tomorrow when I got meet Stephanie Pearl-McPhee along with hundreds of Portland's other knitters.

A week or two ago I finished some baby pants as well

Hand dyed Cascade 128 and using the Perfection Pants pattern. Love them!

I did finally break Second Sock Syndrome and finished my pin stripe socks but can't seem to find a picture of them. Perhaps I'll have the H take one for me tonight as I don't think I've got any of me wearing them anyway.

I'll be back with Yarn Harlot pictures soon!


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