Saturday, March 10, 2007

The almost finished cardigan for Grey

I have to go to the LYS to get another skein of the self striping. I bought the grey for the collar and trim but didn't want it to go up so far on the sleeves. So another skein it is.

Pattern: Cabin Fever
Size: 2T
Yarn MC: Crystal Palace Yarns Taos including the hat I used 4 skeins
CC: Lamb's Pride worsted "Misty Blue" one skein

I like the pattern, easy to read. Even a somewhat beginner could do this cardigan with the options for knitting in one piece.

I'm thinking wood toggles for the buttons, opinion?



Blogger Rachel said...

Megan, the cardi came out awesomely!!
I like wooden buttons. :)

7:53 AM  

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