Sunday, February 11, 2007

A couple of soakers

The BFL mentioned below came and was on the needles the next day. I'm really trying not have more than one or two WIP. I want to produce and if I am dividing time amoung too many things it just won't happen.

Here is the completed soaker from the Nada BFL yarn

My own pattern: just gauge, measure and do the math. K3P2 ribbing several short rows, picked up stockinette cuffs (which I may decide to loosen, depends as I think his thighs will probably start thinning out now and not getting any bigger based on experience with dd).

The yarn is beautiful and so soft. I love the soaker other than some small areas of color pooling (see the black? and two small spots on the back). I just ordered 6 skeins of BFL so I'll be making some more soakers from it soon.

And I also used some naked BBR to make a Warm Heart Woolies soaker for ds. Its still blocking but here are some pics

I made a large and this is how much I left of the 4oz once all ends were woven in and it was totally completed

I absolutely love this yarn. I made the BFL soaker first and didn't think the BBR was nearly so soft in comparison. However, once I lanolized the BBR it became so incredibly soft! I especially love the stretchiness of the BBR. I swear its like elastic! I'll need to get some more of this once I've sold a few soakers.

I am actually going to purchase a cottage license from Ruth of WHW (the first person to do so in fact).

I really like a lot of features of this pattern. Here are some detail shots.

Built in cuffs are so nice, less to finish and less to weave in (only two ends to weave-in in fact!).

I've made a few of these soakers and they just fit my kids well and are easy to customize.

Normally when I knit soakers I measure and do the math on the gauge but that gets tiresome. There is something to be said about having the math already done for you!

So soon they will be up on my Hyena cart at Cherry City Crafters


Blogger Camelliamama said...

Those are great, Megan! I had asked Ruth about a license for that soaker pattern a couple years ago. I guess she finally got around to offering them! Good for you. Its an excellent pattern.

10:43 PM  

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