Sunday, February 04, 2007

Amara learns to knit and other stuff

Look at my big 4 yr old girl! Today at breakfast we were talking about how I could teach Amara to knit when she turns 5, she seemed enthused. Then later we went to Joanns to use my coupons to buy cotton yarn (because I bought Mason-Dixon Knitting and if you have that book you understand why I must now knit with cotton and make cabin style things! even though I generally hate working with cotton at least the mercerized-splits-so-much-I-want-to-jam-this-needle-in-my-eye kind. Kitchen cotton is different though!!!! /rant/rave).

While there Mar picked up some sparkly yarn and stated that she needed to have it. She was so excited we ran over to the needle section and picked up some brightly colored kids needles with cats on the ends. After a bit of tandem practice she made this

Its a bracelet for Leo, she says.

Here is the back

10 sts x 4 rows

She now knows how to, "put it in, wrap, pull it through, and push it off" as we repeated. I did only the wrapping part after the first row.

I'm so dang proud!

In other kid news, though not at all proud, my son pulled the blocking sweater off the kitchen table while I was dressing. It landed in a pile of cracker crumbs and will need to be blocked again.

This is the non-blocked version

When blocked the details pop a lot better, its also a bit longer.

In other news I found the forgotten huge shorts

my gauge was off and they are truly huge. If you want them they can be yours though. Send me $5 and I'll mail them to you along with the yarn to finish the drawstring and kitchener the crotch. Otherwise I'll frog these babies as the rise is not long enough to felt them.


Blogger Abigail said...

Yay for Amara!

Niels has those cat needles too. He declared it too hard already though. Boo.

10:00 PM  

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