Sunday, January 21, 2007

The most infuriating pattern!

A friend asked me to make a set for her pregnant sister-in-law. Time was running short so we decided to just do one nice cardigan instead.

I sent her to the yarn store with instructions as to what pattern to get

But they were out of stock and so she told the lady there what she wanted and they helped her find a pattern and some yarn (that is a completely seperate rant).

The pattern leaves me without words. It tells you to do something and then doesn't say where or how. Its a top down raglan cardigan and where you do the increases is important but apparently not important enough to note.

Now for the yarn. Its a slippery mercerized cotton. I hate working with yarn that has no stretch, all the tension issues show and I find it doesn't block as easily.
Not only that but it splits very easily. I'm constantly correcting stitches. And she paid almost $14 a skein for it.

I don't know who was working there that day, probably the older lady as the owners are usually much more helpful and knowledgable.

I can't do anything about the yarn because her one of her kids pulled the label off one skein. I did change patterns though as I just couldn't keep wasting time with the other one.


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