Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So yesterday I open my mail to find two packages of yarn for me. Just for me!!!

I got my package from Knitpicks. I ordered the Sierra (a mix of alpaca and wool) in cinnamon and leaf to make some pants for Grey. I also got two skeins of coal. I was thinking of something for dh but it could turn into a basketweave scarf for a gift.
I also got some worsted weight yarn. They say its worsted but its an awfully light worsted. I have 288 yrds that I need to find something to do with. A hat for dd maybe? I was really thinking about making her something much cuter like this and this yarn definitely won't work for that.

I also got some yarn from a trade. Its three colors of a wool and silk blend. One green that I adore and one red that I adore (but then again I always adore red) and another green that I'm not (yet) feeling inspired by.

I did finish a ribby wrap this week and am just gussets away from finishing a hyrid rib. ds needed more wool so I had to work fast.

Oh and the hyrid is made with peace fleece. My first time working with it. I'm hoping what I hear is true and that it will soften after its washed.

**the peace fleece backstory**
It was supposed to be Baghdad Blue and I was thinking that meant a nice dark sky blue as per the description. Its a lot more purple though. So its not working for my intended purpose which were to be pants, red waist and cuffs so it turned into a hybrid rib instead.
Its no matter though I know someone who's pregnant and their baby just might need something wooly.


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