Friday, August 12, 2005

Its been a while

at least for me since I'm so chatty!

I got the cardigan done and despite the measurements saying it would fit a 26" chest and my gauge being perfect (and yes, I even followed the pattern exactly) it would barely close on dd's 22" chest.

I added more seed stitch so I'll take a pic either tomorrow or after I put the buttons on. She wants dinosaur buttons so I'll have to find some for her. I may put it off since it is a wool cardigan, its not like it needs to be finished immediately.

For a baby shower gift a friend gave me a gift card to Have You Any Wool so I went by today. They are starting to carry a larger selection of Cascade 220 so I get a nice tweed in blues and greens. Thinking it may be a sweater for the baby. And I got their fish pattern. Its an adorable stuffed fish that reminds me of a blow fish.


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