Monday, August 01, 2005


I made a Ribby Wrap but the picture was fuzzy and I've not taken a new one yet. I think I like the pattern but some parts were confusing to me. Often in a pattern there is something that doesn't make sense but by the end you understand why. There was one part like that but at the end, I still don't know why. It worked though so I'll just do what is says.

I have the LTK mocs pattern too but have a question that I need answered and don't have forum access yet. So I wait.

I also started dd's cardi. I had the back done and was starting on the raglan decreases for the second side when I realized I made the body too long on the first side. So I'll need to redo that, finish the right side and do the sleeves.

It calls for a zipper but that is so scary. I might instead add buttons and a crochet trim. I'm not sure yet.


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