Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sorry, no pictures

I knit a pear, pickle and pumpkin then mailed them out without taking a picture. The recipient agreed to send me a picture though.

I finished a hat for Amara last night. It started out for a friend's 2 month old and may still go to her as its a bit too short for Amara. Its a cute fit on her though, it sits right above her bangs so its not for super cold weather.
I'll just have to decide later what I want to do.

I wrote the pattern myself and am having a few people try it so I can make sure my directions make sense before I send it out to the world to share.
I've worked out sizing for baby through adult as well. I'm planning to test the adult size for myself as soon as I get my sil's b-day present done.

I'll post pictures soon, I promise.


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