Friday, July 01, 2005

Two new things

Wednesday at SnB, several new people came. One person invited one person who invited another and so on. It was so crowded we ran out of chairs. Don't know how to the long term members felt about all the newbies since they obviously are a bit different from us on many levels. If nothing else we can be good examples, right ;)

I helped a few people learn to knit and so did Michelle and others.

I worked on this

And finished it up this morning while knitting at the library with two friends.

We did a swap during SnB, well Jaime and I did because no one else brought stuff. I got a skein of Lamb's Pride in a nice burnt orange/sienn-ish color. (looked it up its called Sunburst Gold

I started this scarf with it tonight.

Basically its the brim of the Coronet with a few extra purls to thicken it.

What I really want to make someday is

but I need to find the pattern.


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